Inauguration of Kedung Artha Medika

(Bogor June 3, 2024) PT Revass Utama Medika officially introduced its subsidiary to the public, Kedung Artha Medika or referred to as KAM is legally operating as a distributor and marketing company for medical devices, especially in the field of coronary intervention.

Through Kedung Artha Medika, it is hoped that it can support the company’s performance towards a brighter direction, given the huge business potential in the health world. However, the company is also aware that the challenges faced in the current era are very large, strategic market share also has very competitive competition.

The company hopes that the existence of Kedung Artha Medika can increase expansion in the medical device business such as increasing company revenue, increasing user awareness and expanding market share in Indonesia.

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The event took place at Swiss-Belinn Hotel, Bogor, West Java. The inauguration of the subsidiary was attended by president director Andriatno Martono, other executive directors, such as operations director Aditya Bagus, sales director Satriyo Hermawan, and distribution & FAT director Kuncoro Nugroho.

In his speech, Andriatno Martono said that Kedung Artha Medika is committed to helping the development of businesses in the medical device sector through various strategic and innovative programs. “The inauguration of a subsidiary can provide significant benefits to the parent company, such as risk diversification, access to new markets, and greater growth opportunities. From a market perspective, the presence of a subsidiary can enhance the company’s image and strategically expand market coverage,” Andriatno further said.

The inauguration of this KAM subsidiary was marked by the procession of employee id cards carried out by Andriatno Martono as president director of Revass Utama Medika. The inauguration event was also filled with several other agendas such as mini seminars, QnA segment, and closed with lunch with all employees of both companies.

Kedung Artha Medika currently has a coverage area of …. hospitals, spread across more than 30 major cities throughout Indonesia.

“With careful planning, effective communication, and good operational integration, companies can maximize the potential of subsidiaries to achieve long-term business goals. Thus, the establishment of a subsidiary is not only about the creation of a new business entity, but also about creating added value for the company as a whole.” Said Mr. Andriatno Martono.

After this inauguration, continuous evaluation is required to ensure that the subsidiary is operating in accordance with the initial strategic plan. Adjustments and improvements may be required based on performance evaluation, market changes, or regulatory changes that affect the subsidiary’s operations.

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